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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Creative Curriculum - Cooking

Why Cooking Is Important?

Cooking enables children to experiences the world of food firsthand. They learn not only how food is prepared but how it contributes to their health and well being. Cooking offers children opportunities to experiment with food, to be creative, and to prepare nutritional snacks. It could be considered a "survival skill" that is basic to the education of all boys and girls.

Coking can be one of the most satisfying activities in the classroom. Not only is food preparation enjoyable, it's also a true laboratory for learning. As children melt cheese, they learn about science. As they measure a cup of milk for a pudding recipe, they learn about measurement and volume. As they stir peanut butter, knead biscuit dough, and peel carrots, they develop physical skills and increase their vocabularies. Making hummus teaches children about good nutrition and cultural preferences. When they make zucchini muffins for their morning snack, children see a task through to completion and can take pride in theiraccomplishment. Cooking appeals to children's senses and provides a wealth of learning opportunities.

One of the most appealing aspects of cooking for children is that it is one of the few activities ini which they are allowed to do the same things that adults do. In the block corner they make pretend roads and bridges. In the house corner they imagine they are parents, teachers, and doctors. In cooking, they have an opportunity to behave just as grown -ups do a rare treat for children.


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